DWP Data


Topics Addressed

  1. Multiple Regression
  2. Water Resources

Can Southern California's water supply in future years be predicted from past data? One factor affecting water availability is stream runoff. If runoff could be predicted, engineers, planners and policy makers could do their jobs more efficiently. Multiple linear regression models have been used in this regard.

The following dataset contains 43 years worth of precipitation measurements (in inches) taken at six sights in the Owens Valley labeled APMAM (Mammoth Lake), APSAB (Lake Sabrina), APSLAKE (South Lake), OPBPC (Big Pine Creek), OPRC (Rock Creek), and OPSLAKE, and stream runoff volume (measured in acre-feet) at a sight near Bishop, California (labeled BSAAM).

Can precipitation predict runoff volume? There is certainly good reason to think so. The major source of runoff is precipitation, although there may be some time lag related to season.

The following program allows you to build various regression models to investigate the relationship between runoff and precipitation.

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George Michailides