This is a long and continually growing list of HTML based case-studies. Many of them are based on a previous LaTeX based version prepared by David Draper and George Michailides. Others are based on consulting jobs, and quite a few are taken from the literature.
Stock Prices
Breast Cancer Research.
Effect of Fitness Program.
Water Use in Los Angeles.
Oral Hygiene in the ICS-II project.
Brinks vs NYC.
Effect of Exercise on Heart Disease.
National Assessment of Educational Progress.
The London Underground.
Suicides of Women and Men.
Temperature in San Francisco.
Lead Intake.
Voting for Johnson.
Salaries of Yale Men.
K-Mart Cookie Sales.
Skeleton Differences between Tribes.
Advertising for Detergents.
Did Mendel Fudge his Data ?
Rainfall in the United Kingdom.
Jury selection in Alameda County.
Racial Bias in Jury Selection: Swain vs Alabama.
Gender Bias in Jury Selection: The Case of Dr. Spock.
The ELISA test for the AIDS Virus.
School Careers in the Netherlands in 1959.
The Northridge Earthquake of January 1994.
The Trial of the Pix.

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