Rain Fall in the United Kingdom

This document contains information regarding the uk-rain-data in Campbell, G.W., Irwin, J.G., Webster, R.: "Spatial Analysis and Mapping the Annual Mean Concentrations of Acidity and Major Ions in Precipitation over the United Kingdon in 1986", Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 16:1-17,1991.

The columns in the data set represent the precipitation weighted mean concentrations of ions for the year 1986, and each row contains data for one site. The variables listed in the columns from left to right are:

  1. Site number
  2. Rain (measured in mm)
  3. H+
  4. SO4-2
  5. NO3-
  6. NH4+
  7. x-coordinate (measured in cm)
  8. y-coordinate (cm)

The measurement of NH4+ for site number 35 was not available and is represented by a zero.

This is a clickable image map. To see rainfall information for any labeled sight, simply click on the black dot next to the site number.