Links to research projects currently ongong in the Department of Statistics with brief descriptions and principle investigators.


Albert Gifi's Homepage
Celebrating the work of Albert Gifi and his many co-workers.
Jan de Leeuw
Center for Image and Vision Science
Statistical and computational theory underlying visual perception and learning.
Song Chun Zhu and Alan Yuille
Center for the Teaching of Statistics
Research an projects related to the teaching of statistics at all levels.
Robert Gould
Center for Statistical Computing
Research in computationally intensive statistical problems.
Mark Hansen
Fire Hazard Estimation
Fire hazard estimation using point process methods.
Rick Paik Schoenberg
Gradient Projection Algorithms
Algorithms for rotation in Factor Analysis.
Coen Bernaards and Robert Jennrich
Cluster computing with Mac OS X on the PowerPC architecture.
Jan de Leeuw
High Performance Cluster Computing
Multivariate analyses with large datasets.
Vanessa Beddo and Coen Bernaards
Hyperemesis Gravidarum Survey and Information
Website devoted to hyperemesis gravidarum.
Rick Paik Schoenberg
Mathematical Principles for Visual Computation
Probability modeling and stochastic computing in vision.
Ying-Nian Wu
Statistical Analysis of Earthquake Occurrance Data
Statistical evaluation of earthquake occurrance data using point process techniques
Rick Paik Schoenberg
Studio of Bio-data Refining and Dimension Reduction
Bio-data Refining and dimension reduction research
Ker-chau Li

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