Amelia McNamara

Photo courtesy Jeff Weakley

Amelia McNamara

Statistics Ph.D. candidate at the University of California-Los Angeles.

My advisor is Mark Hansen, and I am a graduate student researcher on the Mobilize project. My dissertation is focused on creating better tools for novices to use for data analysis. I'm developing a theory about what the future of statistical programming should look like, and trying to determine the next steps on the way to those tools. Currently, I am working with the Communications Design Group (CDG) at Viewpoints Research Institute and attempting an integration between R and Lively Web. My research interests include statistics education, data visualization, and spatial statistics.

All my work tries to balance left brain and right brain thinking.

On the right brain side, I went to school for art and design as well as majoring in English in college. For the left brain, my other college major was math, I'm now studying statistics, and I love to code. But, I hate the artificial binary set up between the two sides of the brain. I much prefer to think with both! That's why I especially love data visualization.


For a more detailed look at my recent work, see my writings, presentations, or look at some of my other recent projects.


A few selected materials are available from my teaching repertoire, including information about the upper-division statistics classes I TAed at UCLA in the 2013-2014 school year (101a, 102b and 101c), my work with the Mobilize project, and preliminary information on the data visualization course I am developing for Spring 2015.

Curriculum vitae

My CV is available here, and if you're curious about how I TeXed it up, view the code.


Contact me

I can often be found in my office, 8208 Math Sciences. Or, reach out to me electronically.