Arjun R Akula
Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning, and Autonomy (VCLA)
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
IBM Research, IIIT Hyderabad


My research interests are in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, with the focuses on Natural Language Interfaces and Dialogue Systems.


A Novel Approach towards Incorporating Context Processing Capabilities in NLIDB system
Arjun Akula, Rajeev Sangal and Radhika Mamidi.
In IJCNLP 2013
A Novel Approach towards Building a Portable NLIDB system using the CPG Framework
Abhijeet Gupta, Arjun Akula, Deepak Malladi, Puneeth Kukkadapu, Vinay Ainavolu and Rajeev Sangal.
In IALP 2012
Classification of Attributes in a Natural Language Query into Different SQL Clauses
Ashish Palakurthi, Ruthu S.M., Arjun Akula, and Radhika Mamidi.
In RANLP 2015
Towards Auto-Remediation in Services Delivery: Context-based Classification of Noisy and Unstructured Tickets
Gargi Dasgupta, Tapan Nayak, Arjun Akula, Shivali Agarwal, Shripad Nadgowda.
In ICSOC 2014


  • Arjun Akula, Gargi B Dasgupta, Tapan K Nayak. Analyzing Unstructured Ticket Text Using Discourse Cues in Communication Logs, Disclosure Number: IN920150227, July 2015. US Patent App.
  • Shivali A, Arjun Akula, Gargi B, Tapan K, Shripad J. A System and Method for Structured Representation and Classification of Unstructured Tickets in Services Delivery, Disclosure Number: IN820140677, Oct 2014. US Patent App.
  • Arjun Akula, Gargi Dasgupta, Vijay Ekambaram, Ramasuri Narayanam. Measuring Effective Utilization of a Service Practitioner for Ticket Resolution via a Wearable Device, Disclosure Number: IN920160178US1, Aug 2016. US Patent App.


  • IBM Research (Mar 2014 - Sept 2016) : I worked on a wide array of NLP and Machine Learning based research projects at IBM Research. Following is a brief overview of my research work at IBM:
    • Proposed and Implemented a new grammatical formalism called 'n-NLP' to parse noisy natural language sentences. Filed a US patent application on this.
    • Proposed a new set of Discourse relations among IT service tickets to improve classification accuracy of tickets. Filed a US patent application on this.
    • Designed and developed a novel Classification algorithm to classify problem tickets in IT Incident Management Process. Published a paper on this in a top-tier conference ICSOC 2014.
    • Designed and developed a web based reporting tool to measure adoption, utilization and business benefits of dynamic automations in IT and services delivery research. Many business units of IBM are now using this tool for auto-remediation of tickets.
    • Implemented a prototype to answer natural language queries in IT Security Domain using Watson Question Answering System.
  • Course Instructor (Jan 2014 - Mar 2014) : Co-taught a graduate level course Natural Language Processing & its Applications at IIIT Hyderabad.
  • Research Assistant (Aug 2010 - Dec 2012) : Designed and developed a web-based 3D virtual laboratory at IIIT Hyderabad, funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development, India (MHRD).
  • Teaching Assistant : Worked as a Teaching Assistant for Computer Programming course (Aug 2013 - Dec 2013) and Humanities course (Aug 2009 - Dec 2009) at IIIT Hyderabad.
  • Graduate Student Reader (Sept 2016 - Dec 2016) : Currently working as a Reader for Intro to Statistical Reasoning course at UCLA.


  • Received Research Award - 2012 at IIIT Hyderabad for outstanding research work on Question Answering Systems.
  • Received Research Division Award - 2016 at IBM Research for proposing a novel text classification algorithm to classify problem tickets in IT Incident Management Process.
  • Received Outstanding Research Accomplishment Award - 2015 at IBM Research for designing and developing a web based reporting tool to measure adoption, utilization and business benefits of dynamic automations in IT Incident Management Process.

Invited Talks

  • 6th IIIT-H Advanced Summer School on NLP (IASNLP 2015):
    Context based NLIDB and Dialogue Systems


  • Email :
  • Office Address : Boelter Hall, 9th Floor, Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning and Autonomy.