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Institute Addresses HIV/AIDS Among African-Americans
by Jon Garbo

In response to rising rates of HIV within the African-American community, the African-American AIDS Policy and Training Institute (AAAPTI) opened its doors on October 27th in Los Angeles. The institute will broadly address HIV and AIDS issues within the African-American community, including prevention, advocacy, and treatment.

"People of color must learn how to make our voices heard in the fight against HIV/AIDS." -- Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA)
"African-Americans haven't benefited from the science of AIDS education, prevention and treatment in the same way white Americans have. The resources, experience and infrastructure have not been in place to educate our community," said Phill Wilson, founder and executive director of AAAPTI. "With the opening of this facility, we will begin to change that."

The facility includes offices, classrooms, an exhibition area, and a computer lab with high-speed Internet access. Classes on nutrition, HIV prevention and treatment, yoga, and computers will soon be offered. The facility is also home to the African-American HIV University, the AAAPTI’s two year fellowship program designed to train African-Americans about HIV transmission and prevention.

"People of color must learn how to make our voices heard in the fight against HIV/AIDS," said Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA). "We know we can do it -- our struggle for civil rights proves that. But our people need to learn the ins and outs of HIV/AIDS and how to make our voices resonate. That's what this center is about."

Updated: Monday, 30 October 2000


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