The not too distant
· I was featured in The New York Academy of Sciences Magazine published in the Winter of 2012. It's a small e-interview. Read it!
· In June I will be the "Banquet speaker" at Interface 2012. I will present a summary of the art works and data visualizations I have helped develop over the last decade.
· On April 4, I was on a panel about data visualization at the New York Public Library with Manuel Lima and Andrew gelman and others. Here's an announcement of the event.
· In May, Jer Thorp and I will lead a 3-hour workshop called "Archive, Text and Character(s)" on the ways in which "text can operate as a unique substrate for creative exploration." Here's an announcement.
· In January I gave a talk in the UCLA Science Faculty Research Colloquium. Here is a poster for the event.
· In June of last year, I gave a talk at the eyeo festival. Titled "Repetition and surprise, rehearsal and reinvention", it was about performance and experiencing data. The slides are here. I try to make a case for "performative data."
· In July of last year, a version of Terre Natale opened at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC as part of their "Talk to Me" exhibition. Here's MoMA's listing of the event.
· In June of 2011, we went on tour with the Elevator Repair Service, spending a couple weeks in Prague "in the boxes" of the Intersection project of the Prague Quadrennial.
· Our performance of Shuffle with the Elevator Repair Service made it into the New York Times! Read the article here. It was also written up by the New Yorker! You can see video and some great images here
· Nice article from Nieman Journalism Lab on the project I've been working on with Jer Thorp and Jake Porway at the New York Times.
· May 19th last year I gave a talk at the New York Academy of Sciences on "Data and Design". Read the NYAS announcement.
· May 21st and 22nd last year, The Elevator Repair Service performed "Shuffle," a new work that was the result of a year-long collaboration with Ben Rubin and I. The performance was part of the New York Public Library's centennial celebration and took place in the DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room. Read the NYPL announcement.
· February 23-24 last year TTI/Vanguard (an "advanced technology conference") hosted a series of presentations around the theme of "Design as strategy." Here is a tentative list of participants.
· I spoke at the Hacks and Hackers meetup on data visualization on December 16th.
· I was on sabbatical Winter through Summer 2010. My time was split between the Research and Development Group at the New York Times and my humble abode in Los Angeles. At the Times, I was looking at how social media helps (re)distribute Times content; while at home, I was working on a text on exploratory data analysis (for the non-professional) and finishing some chapters for a book on information theory with Bin Yu.
· I was invited to give a talk at the R meetup in NYC. I spoke on a 6-week program in data analysis I created with teachers from LAUSD. It is part of a year-long program in computer science and the curriculum is organized around participatory sensing. Students learn computational methods for working with time, location, images and text. My slides (55Mb, ugh)
· I was asked to give a talk in our Seminar on the Teaching of Statsitics. Here is my attempt at describing how computational ideas fit into a lower-division course. [PDF of slides]
· November 21 2008 saw the opening of Terre Natale, Ailleurs Commence Ici, at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. It is the culmination of a summer-long collaboration with Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Laura Kurgan, and Ben Rubin that evolved under the watchful eye of Paul Virilio and the excellent curatorial staff at Cartier. The work moved to Copenhagen in December of 2009, and Bilbao in Summer of 2010.
· In academic year 08-09, the Center for Statistical Computing sponsored a seminar and a lecture series on non-professional practices of data collection and analysis. It was the second in a "series" of long-running events to understand the use of computing for scientific advancement, for advocacy and for cultural expression.
· Ben Rubin and I are starting another summer of work on an art installation in the lobby of the new New York Times Building. (This summer, recipes!) The piece is called Moveable Type; there was a nice story in The Times, as well some coverage on NPR's On the Media.
· Listening Post is an art istallation, a digital portrait of online communication. The installation opened at the London Science Museum in early February 2008, where it is still on view. You can also see it at The San Jose Museum of Art. Visit the home page of my collaborator, Ben Rubin; watch videos of the installation; read various reviews and media coverage

Mark H. Hansen
Professor of Statistics

I am on leave at Columbia University heading the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, part of the School of Journalism

Co-PI, Center for Embedded Networked Sensing

Courtesy appointments in the Departments of
Design|Media Art and Electrical Engineering, UCLA

8951 Mathematical Sciences Building
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Tel: 310.206.8375
FAX: 310.206.5658



I started my career at Bell Laboratories, easily the best private research lab on the planet. Given that background, my work tends to be grounded in applications. I often find myself analyzing large, complex data streams -- The context varies from environmental monitoring to the mechanics of information technologies. My current fascination is with so-called participatory sensing, projects that engage the general public in non-professional practices of data collection and analysis.

CV (4/12) | Patents and Papers | Talks ]

Teaching & Students
· Recent offerings
Stat 202a, Fall 2010
Statistical Computing
MW 3:00-4:20, 9413 Boelter
Stat 13, Spring 2011
Statistics for the Life and Health Sciences
MW 3:00-4:20
DESMA 259, Spring 2011
Data and the Media Arts
Stat 201b, Winter 2012
Regression Analysis: Model Building, Fitting and Criticism
MW 3:00-4:20
Stat 105, Winter 2012
Statistics for Engineering
MW 12:30-1:50
· Some older classes
Stat 260
Site specifics
Winter 2007
Stat 240, Fall 2009
TR 1:00-2:20, 5203 MS

Stat 101c, Spring 2009
Advanced Regression
MW 3:00-4:20, 9413 Boelter Hall

Stat 237, Spring 2007
Database Aesthetics
Tues 9:00-12:30, 5061 Broad

Stat 257, Winter 2007
Design, modeling and analysis
for embedded sensing
MW 3:00-4:20, 2042 Public Policy

· I am currently serving on several thesis/dissertation committees and am eager to work with more students

Captcha capta
Moving means selling junk, selling junk means Craigslist. Some of the Captcha's I had to fill out were a little unexpected.

Spam poetry
A new job, a new spam filter. While the setup at UCLA is effective, I've had a few important emails banished to an inaccessible quarantine area. Paranoid fool that I am, I decided to live life outside the the protective cushion of the Department's spam filters. Mistake. But I did start to appreciate a rhythm to my unsolicited email, a kind of poetry. Here are a few patterns that I've found strangely poignant.

My troubling decline
[12 subject lines, VIC0D1N e-mails, 10/04]

how is my brother hurting
your son hurting
your mother hurting
pain is killing you
assist your brother in pain
assist your brother with his suffering
is his sister in pain treatment
are you in pain
your father needs to cope with the pain
is her father suffering
is my boyfriend hurting
how is my boyfriend hurting

Berlioz's uncle
[15 subject lines, "mo r t gage" ads, 11-12/04]

the splash of waves
by blue night-lights. Out
Thoughts raced, short, incoherent
window-sill with his hand,
up still more...
Well, who knows, who
sang out. His eyes
more. But I pity
the woman meanwhile, without
Drink! said the executioner
water-soaked cloth of his
that the professor was
right out of you!
You see, Poplavsky began
the next door bore

Spam Waugh
[Senders of pornographic spam, ads, 2/15-3/20/05]

Giggler C. Gilgamesh
Axiom M. Isolationism
Insinuations P. Ability
Strowe L. Transmuted
Archaeologist A. Machs
Punched O. Vilification
Sedatest Q. Sushing
Forced Q. Sadness
Unimpressive U. Counterfeited
Generalities S. Gnaw
Chastity J. Misleads
Insemination D. Solitaries
Fortyfying F. Shipwright
Muddiest E. Ladybird
Detected I. Pitchmen
Unknowable S. Easiness
Dixon D. Gurgles
Demand R. Tautly
Sourpuss I. Translator