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UCLA Statistics Department Logo
  • UCLA Department of Statistics, http://www.stat.ucla.edu, contains information about statistics education, novel techniques for  statistical modeling and analysis, online tools for instruction and data manipulations and employment opportunities.
  • Amstat Online, http://www.amstat.org, contains information on the statistics profession, job postings, continuing education, workshops, seminars, and professional development opportunities. http://www.amstat.org/careers takes you directly to career information.
  • Schools Offering Degrees in Statistics are listed at http://www.amstat.org/education/sods and contain contact information for the school, what degrees are offered, and a brief description of the program(s).
  • Amstat News is the monthly membership magazine of the American Statistical Association and covers industry events, membership news, and "Career Corner" articles. Periodically, the entire September issue is devoted to Careers in Statistics.
  • STATS: The Magazine for Students of Statistics is published three times per year and features stories, career information, student experiences, and humor. This magazine is included in an annual student membership.
  • Chance Magazine http://www.dartmouth.edu/~chance/index.html is published quarterly and is a general interest magazine with articles and departments featuring timely and entertaining material on the world of statistics.

UCLA Statistics Department Brochure
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