JAVA and Internet Programming, Computation & Visualization

Grading Policy:
The lowest graded programming assignment will be dropped. All programming assignments must be completed however. No late programming assignments will be accepted. For students with genuine documented reasons for missing the midterm arrangements will be made. Programming assignments will be collected from the submit directory of your account.
If after receiving a midterm or programming assignment back you believe a grading error has occurred please see Dr. Dinov or your TA. Reading assignments will be given. You will be held responsible for the information covered in these assignments.
Programming Assignment Policy:
You are allowed and encouraged to discuss general aspects of programming problems with classmates. However this discussion should not involve the exchange of actual code, printouts or other explicit materials (e.g., solution-emails). Namely, the code you submit must be your own independent work.
Tentative order of topics covered
[1] Chapter 1 Getting Started, [2] Chapter 2  Object Oriented Programming Concepts [3] Chapter 3 Language Basics [4] Chapter 5 Classes and Inheritance [5] Chapter 7 Handling Errors with Exceptions

[6] Chapter 4 Object Basics and Simple Data Objects [7] Appendix B Internet Ready Applets [8] Chapter 8 Threads: Doing Two or More Tasks At Once
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