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Statistics 13, sec. 01
Fall 2003
Introduction to Statistical Methods
for the Life and Health Sciences

Course Description

Ivo D. Dinov, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Statistics,
Research Scientist, Department of Neurology,
UCLA School of Medicine
Teaching Assistants:
  • Jason Cheng  (section 1a) E-mail: yccheng@stat.ucla.edu and
  •   Sovia Lau  (section 1b) E-mail: lausov@stat.ucla.edu
  • Lectures: KNUDSEN 1200B  MWF  9:00 - 9:50 AM

    Discussions Section Information
    DIS 1A T,R 8:00A 8:50A MS 5203/Lab
    DIS 1B T,R 9:00A 9:50A MS 5203/Lab

    Instructor Office: Main: MS 8142E (alternative: CHS, UCLA School of Medicine, Reed 4-238, by appt. only)
    TA Offices:  Jason Cheng , MS 3955;  Sovia Lau  MS
    Virtual Office Hours (STAT13-1 Forum)
    STAT Computer Lab: http://www.stat.ucla.edu/undergraduate/icl/

    Grading policy and basis for Final Grade:
    HW Assignment Policy:

    Textbook: Chance Encounters - A first Course in Data Analysis and Inference by Christopher Wild and George Seber (2000)
      Tentative schedule of topics to be covered
    1. Data Collection, Experiments, Observational Studies vs. Designed Experiments, Ch. 1
    2. Variables Graphical & Numerical Summaries, Ch. 2
    3. Probability & Independence, Ch. 4
    4. Discrete Random Variables, Binomial Distribution, Expected Value, Variance, Ch. 5
    5. Bayes' Rule, supplement
    6. Continuous Random Variables, Normal Distribution, Ch. 6
    7. Inference, Means, Central Limit Theorem, Ch. 7
    8. Confidence Intervals, Ch. 8
    9. Hypothesis Testing, Ch. 9
    10. Z-test for mean and proportion, Ch. 10
    11. 2 independent samples, t-test, Ch. 7, 8, 9, 10
    12. Bivariate Data, Correlation, Ch. 3
    13. Regression, Ch. 12
    14. ANOVA, Chi-square, Ch. 11

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