UCLA STAT 251 (section 1) Winter 2003

Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences

Homework and Project Instructions

Required Project header to be included with each paper submission.
Project Assignment Policy:
You are allowed - and encouraged - to discuss general aspects of the problems with classmates, in person or on the Virtual Office Hour page. However, this discussion should not involve the exchange of actual code, printouts, solutions or other explicit electronic or paper handouts. Even though we strongly encourage interaction between students in the class, all parts of the projects, which you submit, must be your own independent work. All projects must be typeset and neatly organized as self-contained documents containing problem description, background, approach/methods, results, conclusions, figures, tables, graphs, images (if necessary) and references.

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    Ivo D. Dinov, Ph.D., Departments of Statistics and Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine