UCLA Graduate Course Announcement Winter 2003


STAT M251 / OBEE M216


Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences


Instructor: Ivo D. Dinov



Time: M W F 9:00 9:50 AM

Place: (LS) Life Sciences 2142


Brief Description: This will be a modern graduate course in statistics for life science and biomedical students. We will present the most popular statistical tools for data analysis and support those with an elaborate framework of simulations, applets, compute-engines, movies and real-time Internet resources. A number of course projects (papers) will help the students gain a hands-on experience on design of scientific experiments, data acquisition, processing, integration, statistical analysis and presentation.


Topics: 1. Variables, measurements, statistics and parameters.

2.           Normal, Binomial and Poisson distributions. Basic statistics.

3.           Limit Theorems: Central Limit Theorem (CLT), Laws of Large Numbers (LLN).

4.           Confidence Intervals.

5.           Inferences About One Or Two Populations.

6.           Design of studies and experiments.

7.           Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA), F-test.

8.           Regression and Correlation.

9.           Principle Component Analysis.

10.      Hypothesis Testing.

11.      c2 (Chi-Square) goodness-of-fit test.

12.      Bootstrapping.


Textbook: Statistical Research Methods in the Life Sciences, by P.V. Rao, Duxbury Press.

Grading: Several Take-Home Projects and a Final Exam (format to be determined). Letter grade or S/U.

Prerequisites: Stat 13, or instructors approval (PTE).

More info: http://www.stat.ucla.edu/~dinov/courses_students.html