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Statistics 130D
Winter 2004

Statistical Programming, Computation, and Visualization in C/C++

Homework 2
Due Date: Wed., Feb. 25, 2004

Please, submit your homework right before lecture on the due date. See the HW submission rules. On the front page include the following header.

Again the user specifies the number of dimensions and each dimension-size and the I/O file names on the command line at execution time. There is still no visualization component to this second HW project. As before, we need to provide a working packaging makefile that allows compiling and testing/running the code. Skeleton of this type of package is available in this ZIP file. This zip file also contains a PGM image of size 540x259 (WorldMap.pgm and WorldMap.img, for the raw).

The sample data we can use is included in the data folder in this zip file. It represents a 3D brain image of size 64x64y64z (rather small, with voxel sizes of 3 mm3). The ASCII header file (*.LHD) describes the data in more detail. You can view the volume, if you wish by downloading the LOVE viewer. This is a zip file  with  a self-contained Java package that has a starting BAT file called runNoArgs.bat that works on Windows. This BAT file can be read as text and slightly reconfigured to make the program run well on any Java-enabled machine (MAC, UNIX, LINUX, etc.)

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