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Statistics 130D
Winter 2004

Statistical Programming, Computation, and Visualization in C/C++

Homework 3
Due Date: Fri., Mar. 12, 2004

Please, submit your homework right before lecture on the due date. See the HW submission rules. On the front page include the following header.

Again the user specifies the number of dimensions, each dimension size and the I/O file names on the command line at execution time. As before, we need to provide a working packaging makefile or a run.bat BAT file that allows compiling and testing/running the code. Skeleton of this type of package is available in this ZIP file.

One sample dataset we can use is included in the zip file, however, we should also test the algorithms and implementations using the 2 3D volumes we have in the data folder of the HW_2 ZIP file (one isotropic and one non-isotropic volumes). Here is an example of how to require, read and process the input arguments in a well designed code using flags (compile and test run the source code in this ZIP file). We should always try to follow this programming practice as it makes the run-time execution of your source code much more flexible and less error proned. I have also zipped a set of 1D, 2D and 3D data in this ZIP file, read the README file for a complete description of the data, formats, how to view it, etc.  Here is a revised version of the skeleton package that separates the CPP_Interface from the actual CPP_Filter. The latter one may be precompiled or build by someone else. The former one just provides an independent interface between the Java-JNI and the CPP filter.

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