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Java Demos
This page contains links to the Java Demos listed in Appendix A.
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Java Demo Site Description of the Site
http://www...java.html Developer.com.
This site contains links to thousands of Java applets and other Java resources.
http://www.gamelan.com Gamelan.
A complete Java resource site containing thousands of Java samples, articles and resources, and much more.
http://www.jars.com Java Applet Rating Service.
Another Java resource site with thousands of Java samples and much more.
http://www...pyrs.htm Pyramids.
A simple puzzle game written in Java.
http://hprbg1...Billiard.html Web Billiard.
An Internet pool game complete with animation and audio.
http://www...index.html The Blitz game.
A game written in Java that runs on Windows, Unix, and in some cases runs on the Macintosh as well.
http://www...index1.htm The Bumpy 3D Lens.
Allows you to move a magnifying glass over an image.
http://members...javacliu/ This page has several Java demos, including a few which have won awards.
http://student...index.html The JVO Java site has some cool Java applets and tutorials so you can learn how to create the applets yourself.
http://www...?photoalbum The PhotoAlbum II.
Cool image effects including liquid, folding the image into a paper airplane and a few other fun effects.
http://www...svdef_en.html The Sevilla RDM 168.
A simulation of a car Radio and CD player.
http://www...play_a_piano.html Play A Piano.
A Java applet that allows you to play the piano or watch the sound waves and listen as the piano plays itself.
http://www...test.html Panoramania.
A Java applet that has a panoramic, smooth-scrolling image.
http://www.java4fun.com Java4fun.
An extensive listing of games written in Java.
http://www...tube/ Tube.
This game is similar to the Pacman game we all played in the 1980's.
http://www...noids/ Urbanoids.
This is a fun game with animation, audio and cool graphics.
http://www...warp15/ Warp15.
This animated game has great graphics and includes audio.
http://www...3dblox/ The Iceblox game.
This is a fun game that uses a little animation.
http://www.javagamepark.com Java Game Park.
Loads of games written in Java. The source code is provided in some cases.
http://teamball...java/ Teamball.
This site has a few fun and interesting games written in Java.
http://teamball...centipedo/ Centipedo.
This game is similar to the old Centipede video game.
http://teamball...crazycounter/ The Crazy Counter.
You may install this page access counter on your web page.
http://teamball...logo/ Animated SDSU Logo.
An animated Java applet.
http://teamball...nsanim/ Animated Netscape Logo.
This site allows you to animate the Netscape logo using designated control keys.
http://teamball...slot/ Slot Machine.
Click the mouse to play this simple slot machine game that doesn't pay-up!
http://teamball...starbase/ Starbase.
An animated video game with sound effects.
http://teamball...mc/ Missile Commando.
Another video game with sound effects.
http://www...index.html Sab's Game Arcade.
Another source for Java video tgames. Don't miss the SabBowl bowling game.
http://www...hyprcubehtml Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube.
If you happen to possess the old red and blue 3D classes, check this site out.
http://www...aster/ You can look at different cross sections of the human body.
http://www-groups...Java/ Famous Curves Applet Index.
Provides graphs of complex curves. Allows the user to alter the parameters to the equations that calculate the curves.

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