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JINI Resources
This page contains links to the JINI Resources listed in Appendix H.
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JINI Resource Site Description of the Site
http://www...jini.shtml This site offers high quality links to Web sites offering important information about JINI Technology.
http://www...community/ The Sun JINI Community is a meeting place for JINI developers and companies interested in utilizing this exciting technology.
http://developer...offerings.html Download Sun Microsystems' JINI development software at this Web site.
http://www...index.html Sun Microsystems offers a collection of recent articles about their award winning technology.
http://www...artcliprev.html At this Sun resource you will find articles audio clips, and reviews of JINI connection technology.
http://www...subscribe.html Sign on here to become a member of Sun Microsystems JINI mailing list.
http://www.gamelan.com Gamelan is good source of current articles and information on JINI.
http://www...index.html Artima is a great online resource for Java and JINI developers.
http://www...Jini/ This site offers quality links including tutorials, demos, specifications and general informaiton Web sites.
http://javaboutique...jini/ Java Boutique offers users the chance to learn the newest information on JINI by offering a JINI Watch section of their Web site.
http://www...jini.html Webtools has recently built a JINI dedicated Web site. Get up-to-date news and a brief explanation of JINI technology.
http://dir...JINI/ Yahoo links you to a number of JINI Web sites.
http://www...jini/ Tutorials
If you are interested in learning about JINI technology these sites are a great place to start.
http://www...FZE3NQ Demos
These pieces have been compiled form all over the Web and offer examples of JINI development techniques.
http://www...FZE3NQ Specifications
Check out the JINI specifications on this site. There is also a link to sign up for the JINI mailing list.
http://www...index.html FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Find the answers to your JINI questions.
http://www.javaworld.com/ Magazines
On-line magazines are an excellent resource for current JINI information.

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