Mahtash Esfandiari


Mahtash Esfandiari

Recent Presentations

  1. International Conference on the Teaching of Statistics, July 2018, Kyoto, Japan.

  2. UCLA Department of Statistics Seminar Series, January 2018, Los Angeles, CA.

  3. CEILS seminar series, 2018, UCLA, Los Angeles, California,

  4. CMC3, December 2016, Monterey, California.

  5. International Conference on the Teaching of Statistics, July 2014, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Professional Activities

  1. Southern chapter American statistical association, president, 2004-2007

  2. Collaboration with UCLA community and the community at large in design of studies, survey design, data collection, and data analysis.

  3. Teaching workshops on power analysis and sample size determination to the medical community

  4. Participation in a workshop for Enhancing Student Success in Science March 10th to 12th 2016

  5. Participation in a workshop on Intergroup Dialogue Training held by the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Sep 12-14, 2018

Consulting Experience

  1. Center for Civic Education

  2. Constitutional Rights Foundation

  3. David Geffen School of Medicine

  4. Ewing Kauffman Foundation

  5. IBM

  6. Jet Propulsion Lab

  7. Jules Stein Eye Institute

  8. Los Angeles Unified School District

  9. Santa Monica Unified School District

  10. UCLA Center X

  11. UCLA Concussion Center

  12. Youth Policy Institute

Useful Links

  1. Statistics: A Window to Understanding Diversity LINK

  2. Enhancing statistical literacy through short open-ended questions that involve context, data, and upper level thinking LINK

  3. An Introduction to Experimental Designs I LINK

  4. An Introduction to Experimental Designs II LINK

  5. Cyber-Based Article Bank LINK

  6. Designing a "Cyber-Based" Article Bank to Enhance Statistics Education LINK

About me

I earned a B.S. in chemistry from the American University of Beirut, and after earning a Fulbright Scholarship and conducting research on curriculum development, teaching, and learning in math and science, earned a Ph.D. in cognitive science, measurement, evaluation, and applied statistics from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

I am on the faculty, Director of the Statistical Consulting Center, and the Assistant Director of Center for the Teaching of Statistics, at UCLA Department of Statistics. My areas of interest include statistics education and statistical consulting. I have extensive consulting experience in education, entrepreneurship, industry, medicine, and public health. I combine my training in cognitive and experience in consulting to help my students “learn how to learn”, acquire the hard and soft skills that they need to engage in “problem solving” and “critical thinking”, and succeed in the real world.

My recent interest includes research and teaching in the area of diversity. The new course I have developed is entitled: “Statistics: A Window to Understanding Diversity”. This course is one of the three courses in physical science that fulfills the diversity requirement for the UCLA College of Letters and Science. It allows the students from different majors (stem and non-stem) learn about the theory of diversity, use statistics to analyze diversity data, appreciate diversity, and adjust more successfully to our diverse campus. I use the extensive data that I have collected on our campus climate in teaching statistics courses and the relevant findings have been presented in national and international seminars.

A two-page CV is available here.