Software to Implement Resource Utilization Function Estimation

This directory contains R software to implement the statistical methods described in the paper
Resource utilization by an avian nest predator: relating resources to a probabilistic measure of animal space use,
by John M. Marzluff, J. J. Millspaugh, P. Hurvitz, and Mark S. Handcock.
Ecology, 2004, 85:1411-1427.

The software can be used freely for non-commercial purposes. You may modify and distribute the code for NON-commercial purposes, as long as this statement and the contact information is included.

While this software has now been developed and used by the authors and others, a new user may well experience some problems or bugs. Please report these by email to, and we will work with you to resolve the problem.

The software:

Description of programs, and further information about the data sets, can be found in the paper.