STAT 100A:  Introduction to Probability
Syllabus (Spring 2012)
Instructor: Hongquan Xu  (
Office: 8955 Math Sciences Bldg,  Phone: (310)206-0035  
Course Homepage:
Prerequiste: Mathematics 32B, 33A.
  • Lecture  MWF  2-2:50pm at WGYOUNG  4216   
  • Discussion 1A  T 2-2:50pm at Dodd 78
TA:   Jessica Jaynes <>  office hours (at MS 8105G):

Textbook (required):  A first Course in Probability, (8th ed), by Sheldon Ross.

Grading Policy
  • Weekly Homework (10%):    No Late Homework.
  • Midterm Exam 1 (20%):  Friday,  April 27 (week 4),  2-2:50pm.
  • Midterm Exam 2 (20%):  Friday,  May 18 (week 7), 2-2:50pm.
  • Final Exam (50%):     Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 11:30am-2:30pm.

The exams emphasize concepts discussed in class and covered in the homework. All exams are closed-book without notes.

Course Outline: The course will cover the first eight chapters of the textbook:
  1. Combinatorial Analysis
  2. Axioms of Probability
  3. Conditional Probability and Independence
  4. Random Variables
  5. Continuous Random Variables
  6. Jointly Distributed Random Variables
  7. Properties of Expectation
  8. Limit Theorems


You will attend lectures through all ten weeks of the quarter and take all exams on the days they are given.  You will turn in homework assignments when they are due.   You will come to class on time and remain until I have completed the day's lecture.