prof. Frink

Introduction is a web interface for Hadley Wickham's R package ggplot2. It is used as a tool for rapid prototyping, exploratory graphical analysis and education of statistics and R. The interface is written completely in javascript, therefore there is no need to install anything on the client side: a standard browser will do. All major browsers are supported but a recent and standards-compliant browser is highly recommended. Best performance is achieved by using Google Chrome.


Currently these public mirrors are available:

More mirrors are needed to keep this application online. If you are able to supply or sponsor a dedicated or virtual server, please contact the author.

Use case videos

introduction video

Short introduction

  • Uploading datafiles
  • Importing data from Google Documents
  • Univariate and Bivariate plots
  • Converting a variable to factor
  • Using the Syntax panel

visualising time series

Visualising time series

  • Example with stock prices
  • Converting a variable to 'date'
  • Adding High/low bars
  • Adding a trendline
  • Adding a horizontal line

More videos to come soon... If you have a nice usecase, please consider sharing it and contact the author.


People who have made this possible: Hadley Wickham, Jeffrey Horner, Michael Driscoll, Nicolás Della Penna, Jan de Leeuw, Robert Gould, Jose Hales-Garcia, Verghese Nallengara (Let me know me if I forgot to mention your name).

Furthermore thanks go out to all the volunteers from the R and ExtJS communties for creating awesome open source frameworks.