Stockplot is a new R web application that plots live stock prices. It gets is data from Yahoo! Finance, and uses the CRAN package ggplot2 to generate on-demand figures. It became quite popular after a post on the blog of revolution computing by David Smith.

What it does

The historical data are stored locally in a MySQL database, which is updated once a day from Yahoo servers. However, the latest price of a stock, indicated by the red line, is updated on every plot request. A plot can be requested by double clicking a company, or dragging it into one of the workspaces. Once a plot has been returned, the graphtype and timeframe of the plot can easily be changed by right-clicking the plot and selecting an option from the menu.

How to use

Learn how to use the application in 2 minutes by watching the demo video. Video's are recorded in HD. Watch the video in full screen to be able to see what exactly is happening.

Try it now!

This application is publicly available at the UCLA demo server. If you used, or tried to use the application, and you experienced any problems or have idea's for improvement, please drop me an email. The tool is still in development and feedback is really appreciated!