3. Publications 


3.1     Refereed  articles  in  journals and  books



Š           Sanchez, J. (2007).  “Linear Models with R” and “Extending the Linear Model with R” Journal of Statistical Software, Volume 17, Book Review 4, http://www.jstatsoft.org/index.php?vol=17&t=b

Š                          Sanchez, J. (2006) "Handbook of Univariate and Multivariate Data Analysis and interpretation with SPSS." Journal of Statistical Software, Volume 16, Book Review 4.   http://www.jstatsoft.org/index.php?vol=16&t=b



        3.2 Non-refereed Proceedings 

Š                          Dinov, I.D., Sanchez, J. and Christou, N. (2006),Pedagogical Utilization and Assessment of the Statistic Online Computational Resource in Introductory Probability and Statistics Courses,” 2006 Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Section on Statistics Education [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association: pp-pp.


         3.3 Books  and E-books

Š                          Sanchez, J. (Editor). Campos, P., Forbes, S., Guiache, P., Helenius, R., Taylor, P., Townsend, M. (2008). Government Statistical Offices and Statistical Literacy. ISLP http://www.stat.auckland.ac.nz/~iase/islp/.

Š                          R. Bryant, G. Gelles and J. Sanchez (1995).    Explorations in Microeconomics  .  C.A.T. Publishing Company.

Š                          J. F. Willis, M. L. Primack, R. Bryant, G. Gelles and J. Sanchez (1997).    Explorations in Microeconomics , revised edition. C.A.T. Publishing Company. http://www.amazon.com/Explorations-Microeconomics-James-F-Willis/dp/1562263757


        3.4 Workshop handbooks

Handbook on Continuing Statistics Education with Technology Workshop, August 6, 2007. http://repositories.cdlib.org/socr/events/SOCR_2007_Workshop/workshop_handbook2007/  Editorships


4.- Service to the Statistics Profession and Statistical Literacy


       4.1 Editorships

Š                          Jan 2010-Dec 2012: Associate Editor, Journal of Statistics Education  http://www.amstat.org/PUBLICATIONS/JSE/

Š                          Jan 2007-Aug 2009: Editor, Web site of the International Statistical Literacy Project, which I directed


Š                          2008- Aug 2009:  Editor, Newsletter of the International Statistical Literacy Project 


Š                          2005- 2007: Co-Editor, Newsletter of the Section on Computational Statistics and Graphics, American Statistical Association 2005-June 2007  http://stat-computing.org/newsletter/issues/scgn-18-1.pdf


       4.2 Refereeing

Š                          Computers and Education

Š                          International Journal of Engineering Education

Š                          American Statistician

Š                          Statistics Education Research Journal

Š                          2006-2008 American Statistical Association. Student Paper Competition Award Selection Committee,  Statistical  Computing Section.


      4.3 Publications resulting from Service to the Profession

           As Director of the ISLP I published many informative articles in:

Š                          ISI Newsletter, every issue since Feb 2007 (only recently went online)  


Š                          Teaching Statistics, Royal Statistical Society, IASE Insert;

Š                          Newsletter of the Canadian Statistical Society; http://www.ssc.ca/documents/pubs/LiaisonV22N4.pdf  p.23

Š                          Newsletter of the UNECA (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa) Vol 2, No 2, June 2008, p. 38


Š                          Newsletter of the OECD   http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/46/9/40005039.pdf

Š                          IASE Review 2006, Section 5.  The Future Directions of ISLP  http://www.stat.auckland.ac.nz/~iase/publications/review/2006.pdf    

Š                          Hipotesis Alternativa http://www.ucv.ve/hipotesis/Data/Hipotesis%20alternativa%20N17.pdf


           As  Publications Officer of the Bayesian Statistical Section of the American Statistical Association

           as a service  to the Section.

Š                          "Bayesian Statistical Science News." AMSTAT News, July 2001, page 35-36.

Š                          "The 1999 Savage Awards Unveiled at 2000 JSM." AMSTAT News, October 2000, page 47.

Š                          "See you in Indianapolis." AMSTAT News, August 2000, pages 25-26.

Š                          "Annual Proceedings." AMSTAT News, June 2000, page 32.