profile picture Hello! I am Lifeng Fan . I am a third-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Statistics at University of California, Los Angeles. I work at the Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning and Autonomy (VCLA) under the supervision of Prof. Song-Chun Zhu . Before coming to UCLA, I spent four years at Zhejiang University happily. In 2015, I participated in the CSST Summer Research Program at UCLA. My research interests lie in social scene understanding.

06/2018:   I gave a spotlight presentation at the 4th Vision Meets Cognition workshop, CVPR 2018, Salt Lake City.
03/2018:   I advanced to candidacy.
02/2018:   Our paper is accepted by CVPR 2018.
06/2017:   I was selected as the 2016-2017 Most Promising Computational Statistician by the Statistics Department.
06/2017:   Our CogSci 2017 paper received Computational Modeling Prize in Perception and Action.
04/2017:   Our paper was accepted for oral presentation at CogSci 2017.
09/2016:   I started my Ph.D. life at UCLA.


coatt project
Inferring Shared Attention in Social Scene Videos
Lifeng Fan , Yixin Chen, Ping Wei, Wenguan Wang and Song-Chun Zhu.
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018.
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cogsci17 project
Perception of Human Interaction Based on Motion Trajectories: from Aerial Videos to Decontextualized Animations
Tianmin Shu, Yujia Peng, Lifeng Fan , Hongjing Lu and Song-Chun Zhu.
Topics in Cognitive Science, 10(1): 225 - 241, 2018.
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Inferring Human Interaction from Motion Trajectories in Aerial Videos
Tianmin Shu, Yujia Peng, Lifeng Fan , Hongjing Lu and Song-Chun Zhu.
39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci), 2017.
(Computational Modeling Prize)
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