Courses I Have Taken

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UCLA Graduate

Statistics 200A, Applied Probability, (Wu)
Statistics 200B, Mathematical Statistics, (Li)
Statistics 200C, Large Sample Theory, (T. Ferguson)
Statistics 201A, Data Management and Research Design, (Xu)
Statistics 201B, Regression Analysis: Model Building, Fitting and Criticism, (F. Paik-Schoenberg)
Statistics 201C, Advanced Modeling and Data Mining, (Q. Zhou)
Statistics 202B, Numerical Linear Algebra and Random Numbers, (De Leeuw)
Statistics 202C, Intro to Markov Chain Monte Carlo, (Sabatti)
Statistics M221, Time Series Analysis, (F. Paik-Schoenberg)
Statistics M222, Spatial Statistics, (F. Paik-Schoenberg)
Statistics M242, Multivariate Statistics with Latent Variables, (P. Bentler)
Statistics 495A, Teaching College Statistics, (Gould/Barr)
Statistics 495B, Teaching College Statistics, (Gould/Shanata)
Computer Science 111, Operating Systems, (Eggert)
Computer Science 130, Software Engineering(Majumdar)
Computer Science 131, Programming Languages, (Millstein)
Computer Science 180, Algorithms and Complexity(Sarrafzadeh)
Computer Science 239, Programming Languages and Systems Seminar(Palsberg)
Computer Science 241A, Object Oriented and Semantic Database Systems(Cardenas)
Computer Science 246, Web Information Management, (Cho)
Computer Science 249, Current Topics in Data Structures: Foundations of Data Mining, (Parker)
Computer Science 261A, Problem Solving and Search, (Korf)
Computer Science 262A, Reasoning with Partial Beliefs, (Darwiche)
Computer Science 262Z, Causality, (Pearl)
Computer Science 263A, Language and Thought, (Dyer)
Computer Science 263B, Connectionist Natural Language Processing(Dyer)
Computer Science 263C, Introduction to Animat Modeling(Dyer)
Computer Science 269, Machine Learning Theory(Wortman-Vaughan)
Computer Science 201, Department Seminar
Statistics 290, Current Literature in Statistics,
Statistics 291, Statistics Consulting Center: Mini-Course Prep
Statistics 296, Participating Seminars: Center for Environmental Statistics/EMS Project, (De Leeuw)
Statistics 296, Participating Seminars: Geographical Information Systems and Geostatistics, (Christou)
Statistics 296, Participating Seminars: Measurement Group, (Bentler)
Statistics 596, Directed Research, (De Leeuw)

UCLA Undergraduate

Mathematics 151AB, Numerical Analysis, (Clark, ?)
Mathematics 135AB, Ordinary Differential Equations, (Murphy, Anderson)
Mathematics 131AB, Real Analysis, (Karamyan, Stefan)
Mathematics 132, Complex Analysis with Applications (Stefan)
Mathematics 115AB, Linear Algebra (White, White)
Mathematics 116, Mathematical Cryptography (Blasius)
Mathematics 113, Combinatorics (Muscalu)
Mathematics 157, Introduction to Scientific Software Development (Anderson)
Mathematics 61, Discrete Structures (Neeman)

PIC 10A, Introduction to Programming C++, (Rayskin)
PIC 10B, Intermediate Programming C++, (Clark)
PIC 10C, Advanced Programming C++, (Cokus)

Statistics 88, Sophomore Seminar, (Gould)
Statistics 100A,
Intro to Probability Theory, (Christou)
Statistics 100B, Mathematical Statistics, (Christou)
Statistics 100C, Regression Diagnostics, (Christou)
Statistics 120AB, Introduction to Applied Regression Analysis, (Gould, Hansen)
Statistics 130A, Statistical Analysis with Stata, (Lew)
Statistics 130B, Statistical Analysis with SAS, (Lew)
Statistics 140SL, Intro to Statistical Consulting, (Lew)
Statistics 141SL, Intro to Statistical Consulting, (Lew)
Statistics M154/Psychology M144,
Measurement and Its Applications, (Bentler)
Statistics 199, Independent Research, (Hansen)
Statistics 202A, Statistical Programming, (Hansen)

Computer Science 111, Operating Systems, (Kampe)
Computer Science 118,
Network Fundamentals, (Lu)
Computer Science 143, Database Systems, (Sho)
Computer Science 161, Artificial Intelligence, (Korf)
Computer Science M276A/Statistics M231, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, (Zhu)

Psychology 142H, Advanced Statistical Methods, (Sidanius)
Psychology 194AB
, Directed Research, (Christensen)

Physics 1AH, Mechanics-Honors, (Zocchi)
Physics 1B, Electricity and Magnetism, (Coroniti)

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