Shuo Wang

Ph.D candidate
Nat'l Engineering Lab for Video Technology
Department of EECS, Peking University

Curricula Vitae [English][Chinese]


  • Education
    • Ph.D candidate in Computer Science, Peking University, Present
    • B.E. in Computer Science, Zhejiang University, July 2009
  • Experiences

    Research Interests
    • Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition.
    • Statistical Methods in Scene Representations inlcuding Classification, Attribute Labeling


    • Weakly Supervised Learning for Attribute Localization in Outdoor Scenes[web][pdf][poster][dataset]
      S. Wang, J. Joo, Y. Wang, and S.C. Zhu
      IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), USA, 2013.
    • Hierarchical Space Tiling (HST) for scene classification and attribute localization [pdf]
      S. Wang, J. Joo, Y. Wang and S.C. Zhu
      Scene Understanding Workshop (SUNw), USA, 2013.
    • Hierarchical Space Tiling in Scene Modeling [web][pdf][poster]
      S. Wang, Y. Wang, and S.C. Zhu
      Asia Conf. on Computer Vision (ACCV), Korea, 2012.
    • Human Attribute Recognition by Rich Appearance Dictionary[web][pdf]
      J. Joo, S. Wang, S.C. Zhu
      IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Australia, 2013.
    • Hierarchical Organization by And-Or Tree
      J. Joo, S. Wang and S.C. Zhu
      Book chapter in Handbook of Perceptual Organization, eds.J. Wagemans, Springer, 2012.