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Tianfu (Matt) Wu

天地有大美而不言,四时有明法而不议,万物有成理而不说。圣人者,原天地之美而达万物之理。--《庄子.知北游》~~ Beauty and Perfection of the World and the Nature as They are Undescribable. One Ultimate Goal is to Learn Interpretable Models and Explainable Algorithms.

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Interpretable R-CNN

Tianfu Wu, Xilai Li, Xi Song, Wei Sun, Liang Dong and Bo Li

AOGNets: Deep AND-OR Grammar Network for Visual Recognition

Xilai Li, Tianfu Wu*, Xi Song and Hamid Krim (* corresponding author)

Object Detection via End-to-End Integration of Aspect Ratio and Context Aware Part-based Models and Fully Convolutional Networks

Bo Li, Tianfu Wu*, Shuai Shao, Lun Zhang and Rufeng Chu (* corresponding author)

Face Detection with End-to-End Integration of a ConvNet and a 3D Model

Yunzhu Li, Benyuan Sun, Tianfu Wu* and Yizhou Wang* (* corresponding authors)

Online Object Tracking, Learning and Parsing with And-Or Graphs

Tianfu Wu, Yang Lu and Song-Chun Zhu