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Tianfu (Matt) Wu

天地有大美而不言,四时有明法而不议,万物有成理而不说。圣人者,原天地之美而达万物之理。--《庄子.知北游》~~ Beauty and Perfection of the World and the Nature as They are Undescribable. One Ultimate Goal is to Learn Interpretable Models and Explainable Algorithms.

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Talks, Tutorials and Demos

Visual Turing Testing for Deep Scene and Event Understanding

  • Demo at CVPR, 2016.06

From Statistical Modeling and Computing to Communicative Learning

  • Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM), 2016.07 (invited talk)
  • Department of ECE Colloquium, NCSU, 2016.04
  • Joint Seminar of Department of Statistics and Department of Communication Studies, UCLA, 2016.04

Towards a Vision Turing Test and Life-long Learning: Learning Hierarchical Models and Cost-sensitive Decision Policies for Understanding Visual Big Data

  • Department of CS Colloquium, Univ. of Rochester, 2016.03
  • Department of Statistics Colloquium, UCF, 2016.03
  • Department of ECE Colloquium, MSU, 2016.02
  • Department of ECE Colloquium, UC Riverside, 2016.02
  • School of Computing Colloquium, Utah, 2016.02
  • Department of Statistics Special Colloquium, UVa, 2016.01

Short Course on Search and Planning for Inference and Learning (SPIL) in Computer Vision

  • In conjunction with CVPR 2015 and co-organized with Professor Iasonas Kokkinos and Professor Sinisa Todorovic, 2015.06

Learning Near-Optimal Cost-Sensitive Decision Polices for Fast Inference

  • Department of Statistics Seminar, UCLA, 2015.01

Learning to compute faster: bottom-up and top-down inference processes and near-optimal cost-sensitive decision policy

  • Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2014.09
  • National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, 2014.09

Learning Hierarchical and Compositional Models and Fast Inference Algorithms for Object Detection and Tracking

  • Center for Imaging Science, JHU, 2014.04