Aishni Parab

Hi, I'm Aishni.

I am interested in building neurosymbolic models for joint vision and language learning.

I am a second year PhD student in the Visual Intelligence group at the Department of Statistics of University of California Los Angeles. I previously obtained a Masters from the Department of Computer Science with generous support from DeepMind. You can learn more about my experience here.

Before joining UCLA, I was a Software Engineer at the Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab developing AI solutions for Shima Seiki Japan's WholeGarment 3D knitting technology. I acquired certified training to design and produce knitwear on the MACH2XS knitting machine (samples available on request). Prior to that, I worked in the Human-Centered AI group with Lex Fridman on autonomous vehicles research. I obtained a Bachelors in Computer Science from University of California Santa Cruz.