Frederic Paik Schoenberg

Dept. of Statistics, 8125 Math-Science building,
University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095--1554
Phone: 310-794-5193
Fax: 310-206-5658

Professional experience and service
Professor and Vice-Chair, Statistics, UCLA, 7/06 - present.
Editor (with Nicolas Christou), Journal of Environmental Statistics, 7/08 - present.
Associate Professor and Vice-Chair of Academic Affairs, Statistics, UCLA, 7/04 - 6/06.
Assistant Professor, Statistics, UCLA, 7/98 - 7/04
Organizer, Fields Workshop: "Forest Fires and Point Processes" (with John Braun and David Martell), Toronto, May 2005.
Organizer, IMS/Bernoulli Session: Spatial Point Processes, Barcelona, July 2004.
Organizer, IMA Workshop: Point Process Modeling and Seismological Applications of Statistics (with D. Brillinger and B. Bolt), Minneapolis, June 10-14, 2002.
Organizer and proceedings editor, IMA Workshop: Time Series Analysis and Applications to Geophysical Systems, (with E. Robinson, D. Brillinger, and R. Shumway), Minneapolis, Nov 12-16, 2001.
Research Assistant, University of California, Campus-Laboratory Collaboration, 6/96-8/96, 6/97
Research Assistant, National Institute of Statistical Sciences, 6/95 - 8/95

Ph.D., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, 8/93 - 12/97
Advisor, David Brillinger
B.S. with Honors, Mathematics, Brown University, 5/93

NSF grant: ``Spatial-temporal analysis of earthquake catalogs using point processes," 8/03-7/06
Faculty Career Development Award, UCLA, 7/01-6/02
NSF-EPA grant: "Fire hazard estimation using point process methods," 8/99-8/02
Dean's Marshal Award for the Division of Physical Sciences, UCLA, 6/99
Loeve Fellowship recipient, U.C. Berkeley, 8/93 - 6/97
Magna Cum Laude, Brown University, 5/93
Annual Math Award, Brown University, 5/93

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Citizenship: USA.

Date of birth: 8/30/71