Second International Workshop on

Statistical and Computational Theories of Vision

-- Modeling, Learning, Computing, and Sampling

Vancouver, Canada, July 13, 2001.

With ICCV2001 July 9-12

Selected papers will be published (subject to peer review) in a special issue of

Int'l Journal of Computer Vision

Goals and Scope

The last decade has witnessed rapid progress in computer vision and statistical methods are successfully applied to all aspects of vision. These advances, combined with increasing computer power, make us optimistic about tackling difficult and exciting problems such as building general purpose visual inference machines for segmentation, recognition, and tracking.

This workshop will provide an international forum for discussing recent advances in the statistical and computational theories of vision and for studying solid theoretic foundation for integrated vision systems. The workshop is aimed at brings together highly respected researchers from computer vision, mathematics, statistics, information theory, and psychology to address key issues in Bayesian image analysis. Original papers are solicited on topics including, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced theories for statistical modeling of realistic visual patterns,
  • Advanced theories for visual learning from observed visual patterns,
  • Advanced techniques for efficient computation and search,
  • Advanced techniques for Markov chain Monte Carlo Sampling.
  • Advanced theory for performance bounds on the accuracy of models and speed of algorithms.
  • Relations of the above theories to biologic vision at the neural, psychophysical, and cognitive levels.
  • Applications and Systems for image segmentation, perceptual organization, object recognition, tracking, motion analysis.

    Organizing Committee:

    Song-Chun Zhu, Alan Yuille, David Mumford

    Program Committee:

    Edward Adelson, Yali Amit, Michael Black, Andrew Blake,
    Sven Dickinson, David Forsyth, Bill Freeman, Davi Geiger,
    Donald Geman, Daniel Kersten, Jitendra Malik, Jean-Michel Morel ,
    Bruno Olshausen , James Rehg, Harry Shum, Eero Simoncelli,
    Paul Viola, Yair Weiss Yingnian Wu, Laurent Younes

    Important Dates:

    Paper submission deadline: April 1, 2001
    Notification of acceptance: May 15, 2001

    Submission of Papers:

    Prospective authors are invited to submit papers to the following address. The submission includes

  • One cover page with title, author names and address.
  • Four copies of manuscript, no longer than 25 pages including figures and references. You may use a 12 pt and 1.5 line space format for the manuscript.

    Prof. Song-Chun Zhu
    Dept. of Computer and Information Science
    The Ohio State University
    2015 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210

    Remark: this workshop is aimed at very high quality presentation and publication.