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... that women's health is an issue that has begun to get more and more attention in recent years, but that many of us in the area of women's health are concerned about the lack of attention to the health needs of lesbian and bisexual women?
... that on any number of health issues, women of color tend to have greater rates of disease, less access to primary and preventative health care services, and get the worst care and treatment?
... that in 1985 we conducted the first national survey of African American lesbians and reached over 600 women to learn more about their relationship and mental health concerns, and that to this day our study remains the largest study of African American lesbians?
... that one of our goals is to meet with major health care providers in Los Angeles County and the Bay Area to let them know the results of our lesbian health care study so that they can make the changes necessary to ensure better health care services for the lesbian and bisexual women's community?




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