Current Members

Lab Director

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Guang Cheng

Professor of Statistics
Univ of California, Los Angeles

Office: MS 8105H

Mailing Address: 520 Portola Plaza 8125 Math Sciences Box 951554 Los Angeles, CA 90095



Dr. Namjoon Suh
Dr. Chi-Hua Wang
Dr. Shirong Xu (co-advised by Prof. Wei Sun)
Dr. Marie Maros (co-advised by Prof. Gesualdo Scutari)
Dr. Chendi Wang (co-advised by Prof. Weijie Su)
Dr. Xianli Zeng (co-advised by Prof. Edgar Dobriban)

PhD Students

Yuantong Li (co-advised by Prof. Wei Sun and Prof. Xiaowu Dai)
Zhanyu Wang (co-advised by Prof. Jordan Awan)
Joshua Ward
Shuang Wu
Xiaofeng Lin
Xiang Chen (Biostat)
Peiyu Yu (co-advised by Prof. Yian Nian Wu)

Master Students

Jacob Swoveland
Ryan O'Dell
Nicklaus Kim


Edmond Wen (CS)
Jiacheng Wang (CS)
Minrui Gui (Math)



Ritabrata Dutta [Bayesian and Frequentist Model Selection] (PhD, 2008-2012, co-advised by Prof. Jayanta Ghosh)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Dept of Statistics, Univ. of Warwick
Zuofeng Shang [Smoothing Spline Inference & Nonparametric Bayes] (VAP, 2013-2015)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, NJIT
Wei Sun [High Dimensional Tensor & Statistical Stability of Classification] (Ph.D, 2011-2015)
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University
Zhuqing Yu [High Dimensional Semiparametric Estimation and Inference] (Ph.D, 2011-2016)
Data Scientist in AbbVie
Meimei Liu [Statistical-and-Computational Trade-off in Big Data] (Ph.D, 2013-2018, co-advised by Prof. Zuofeng Shang)
Assistant Prof. of Statistics, Virginia Tech
Shih-Kang Chao [Distributed and Online Statistical Inference] (Postdoc, 2015-2018)
Machine Learning Scientist at HEALTH[at]SCALE
Yao Zheng [Non-Asymptotic Statistical Inference for Dependent Data] (Postdoc, 2017-2019)
Assistant Professor, Dept of Statistics, University of Connecticut
Ching-Wei Cheng [Statistical Studies of Genetic Algorithm] (PhD, 2014-2019)
Data Scientist in Lowes
Botao Hao [Statistical Guarantees in Non-Convex Optimization] (PhD, 2014-2019)
Research Scientist in Deepmind
Qing Yang [Random Tensor Theory & Its Applications] (Postdoc, 2017-2020)
Assistant Professor in the School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China
Jincheng Bai [Sparse Deep Neural Networks] (PhD, 2014-2020, co-advised by Prof. Qifan Song)
Quantitative Research Associate at J.P. Morgan
Tianyang Hu [Nonparametric Perspective of Deep Learning] (PhD, 2016-2020)
Senior Researcher at Noah's Ark Lab
Jiexin Duan [Distributed Nearest Neighbor Classification] (PhD, 2015-2021)
Sr. Financial Modeler at Moody's Analytics
Yang Yu [Distributed Bootstrap for Massive Data] (PhD, 2016-2021)
Data Scientist, Infrastructure Strategy at Meta
Chi-Hua Wang [Statistical Design of Sequential Decision Making] (PhD, 2017-2022)
Postdoc, UCLA
Pratik Ramprasad [Policy Evaluation in Statistical Reinforcement Learning] (PhD from 2017-2022, co-advised by Prof. Wei Sun)
Research scientist, Sentilink
Yue Xing [Statistical Theory for Adversarial Robustness in Machine Learning] (PhD from 2018-2022, co-advised by Prof. Qifan Song)
Assistant Prof. of Statistics and Computer Science & Engineering at Michigan State University