Trustworthy AI Lab

  Our lab believes that stricter regulations (such as GDPR) partly drive AI from 1.0 (performance-oriented) to 2.0 (trustworthiness-oriented). To build trustworthy AI, we develop data-centric tools, e.g., artificially generated data, that are easy and economical to deploy (hold your code fixed!).
Data is the new oil in the 21st century. Our lab aims to generate clean and renewable oils via data synthesis.

UCLA Synthetic Data Workshop, April 13-14, 2023. Stay tuned...

Undergrad/Master/PhD/Postdoc Recruiting

Our lab is actively looking for Master, PhD and Postdocs who are passionate about Trustworhty AI, Data-centric AI and Deep Learning Theory. Undergrad summer interns are welcome as well. Please send your CV to if you are interested in joining us. See research page for details.

Research Themes

  • Trustworthy AI
  • Data-centric AI
  • Deep Learning Theory
  • Statistical Machine Learning
Please see research page for details.