Research Areas:

    Computer Vision, Statistical Modeling & Computing, Cognition, Machine Learning,Natural Language and Dialogue, AI, Robot Autonomy.

Director of:

Textbooks: to build a framework

  1. Adrian Barbu and Song-Chun Zhu, Monte Carlo Methods, Springer, 2020. [Amazon Link]
  2. Song-Chun Zhu and Yingnian Wu, Computer Vision: Statistical Models for Marr's Paradigm, Springer, 2021 [Book_1_Marr][Book_1_Coverpage]
  3. Song-Chun Zhu and Siyuan Huang, Computer Vision: Stochastic Grammars for Parsing Objects, Scenes, and Events, Springer, 2021 [Book_2_Parsing][Book_2_Coverpage]
  4. Song-Chun Zhu and Yixin Zhu, Cognitive Models for Visual Commonsense Reasoning, Springer, 2021 [Book_3_FPICV][Book_3_Coverpage]

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*The photo was taken by photographer Reed Hutchinson, with oil style rendering by our software. A hi-res picture reveals the brush strokes.
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