Learning Active Basis Models by EM-type Algorithms

Zhangzhang Si, Haifeng Gong, Song-Chun Zhu, and Ying Nian Wu

This is a review paper we were invited to contribute to a special issue on EM algorithm. The paper uses more mathematically explicit notation, and introduces the model and leraning by gradually developing the shared matching pursuit algorithm.

Important: We have stopped updating this page.

Go to reproducibility page for IJCV paper for the most updated source code and results.



The reproducibility page for IJCV paper (Section 2) has the most updated source code. The code below is only for reproducing the experiments.

We have added many new results not presented in the paper. In particular, all the results in Experiment 4 are new to the paper.

Research reported on this page was supported by NSF DMS 0707055 and NSF IIS 0713652.
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