Dense plots and deep thoughts.

Abraham Pais, "Subtle Is the Lord."
Abraham Pais, "Niels Bohr's Times."
Helge S. Kragh, "Dirac: A Scientific Biography."
Graham Farmelo, "The Strangest Man."
David C. Cassidy, "Beyond Uncertainty."
Walter J. Moore, "Schrodinger: Life and Thought."
Charles P. Enz, "No Time to Be Brief."
Nancy Thorndike Greenspan, "The End of the Certain World."
David N. Schwartz, "The Last Man Who Knew Everything."
Silvan S. Schweber, "QED and the Men Who Made It."
Jagdish Mehra, Kimball A. Milton, "Climbing the Mountain."
Lawrence M. Krauss, "Quantum Man."
David Kaiser, "Drawing Theories Apart."
Laurie M. Brown, Helmut Rechenberg, "The Origin of the Concept of Nuclear Forces."
George Johnson, "Strange Beauty."
Lillian Hoddeson, et al. (Eds.) "The Rise of the Standard Model."
Robert P. Crease and Charles C. Mann, "The Second Creation."
Frank Close, "The Infinity Puzzle."
Gerard 't Hooft, "In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks."
Andrew Pickering, "Constructing Quarks."
Graham Farmelo (Ed.), "It Must Be Beautiful."
Michael Harris, "Mathematics without Apologies."
S.-T. Yau (Ed.), "The Founders of Index Theory."
Leila Schneps (Ed.), "Alexandre Grothendieck: A Mathematical Portrait."
"Langlands Program and His Mathematical World." (collection of overview articles by Langlands translated into Chinese).


Quantum theory is a representation theory, in a way similar to representation learning, where vectors and matrices represent states and actions (creation and annihilation of particles). Is universe a thought vector?

Jakob Schwichtenberg, "No-Nonsense Quantum Field Theory." _ (best entry point) | Wilson renormalization | deformation quantization
Mark Srednicki, "Quantum Field Theory." _ (systematic and modular)
A. Zee, "Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell." _ (charming and magical)
Jared Kaplan, "Lectures on AdS/CFT from the Bottom Up." pdf
Mikio Nakahara, "Geometry, Topology and Physics." _


Gentle expositions of central themes and objects in modern math, such as L-functions, group representations, modular forms, and motives.

Langlands: exposition | slides | L-functions | mirror symmetry
Moonshine: exposition | string theory | pariah moonshine | slides
Weil: exposition | simplify | motive | summary
Ravi Vakil, "The Rising Sea: Foundations of Algebraic Geometry." pdf
Daniel Dugger, "Navigating the motivic world." pdf
Harold M. Edwards, "Riemann's Zeta Function." _
Galois: 1500 words

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