Some rich and dense biographical books:

Helge S. Kragh, "Dirac: A Scientific Biography."*
Graham Farmelo, "The Strangest Man."
Abraham Pais, "Subtle Is the Lord." *
Abraham Pais, "Niels Bohr's Times."
David C. Cassidy, "Beyond Uncertainty."
Walter J. Moore, "Schrodinger : Life and Thought."
Nancy Thorndike Greenspan, "The End of the Certain World."
Charles P. Enz, "No Time to Be Brief." *
Silvan S. Schweber, "QED and the Men Who Made It." *
Jagdish Mehra, Kimball A. Milton, "Climbing the Mountain." *
Lawrence M. Krauss, "Quantum Man."
David Kaiser, "Drawing Theories Apart." *
Laurie M. Brown, Helmut Rechenberg, "The Origin of the Concept of Nuclear Forces." *
George Johnson, "Strange Beauty."
Lillian Hoddeson, et al. (Eds.) "The Rise of the Standard Model." *
Robert P. Crease and Charles C. Mann, "The Second Creation."
Frank Close, "The Infinity Puzzle."
Gerard 't Hooft, "In Search of the Ultimate Building Blocks."
Andrew Pickering, "Constructing Quarks."
Graham Farmelo (Ed.), "It Must Be Beautiful."

In the above, those books with * marks contain technical contents, which do not prevent informed reading for those who do not know them.