Statistics 100B: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics


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  • Download R and packages.
  • Download RStudio.



  • 1. Summary of discrete and continuous distributions (review from Statistics 100A).
  • The next five links are the statistical tables needed for the entire quarter (from "Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis", by John Rice, Doxbury Press, Second Edition (1995)).
    Table 1: Standard normal distribution table (Z).
    Table 2: Chi-square distribution table.
    Table 3: t distribution table.
    Table 4: F distribution table (95th percentiles).
    Table 5: F distribution table (99th percentiles).
  • 2. Some review material from Statistics 100A.
  • 3. Simulation of random variables.
  • 4. Covariance and correlation.
  • 5. Poisson, Exponential, and Gamma distributions.

    Practice problems


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